It is hard to get a group of people together and not have part of the conversation center around politics and Washington D.C. The news media covers little else. You find politics on Facebook and Twitter. And whether we are a republican, a democrat or a independent, we make a hasty retreat, each to our own corner, where we huddle with likeminded friends and blame the other side for the country’s problems.

I understand why we have these debates. Politics plays a major role in our lives. But these debates accomplish little except to cause stress and to increase our blood pressure. If we are nor debating politics, it may be creation. Or global warming? Or which college that 5 star recruit will attend. Or which chili recipe is the best. Or does your shoes and purse really need to match. During these debates it always seems to me that winning or losing a debate accomplishes very little.

And the simple words of Jesus echo through the centuries: Love one another. This is no small thing, but it can accomplish so much.

When we push past fear to listen to an enemy, we destroy the enemy by making him our friend. We become human beings together, who talk, cry and laugh and worry and eat too much fast food.

We want to be a church that loves people rather than one that wishes to debate the issues. We want to love the community in very campus. And we look for real ways to demonstrate that love. One example collectively was the Feed the 5,000 project we undertook several months ago.

Our community has people that need help in the way of food. When you’re trying to love your community in the name of Jesus, and you know that there are people in the community community are hungry, you realize that love looks a whole lot like a two weeks of groceries and a Thanksgiving turkey.

So hundreds of Northstar volunteers spend the day separating and distributing food to over 8,000 people. Love isn’t all that complicated, it turns out. But because love also looks like dignity. No judgement. No looking down. Just trying to be the feet and hands of Jesus. This project led us to understand the opportunities that are present in every community we serve. I for one can’t wait till next year.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the individual acts of love I hear about virtually very day. Just Northstar people doing what they can do to show the love of God in their community. It’s remarkable how tangible love gets when a few people are willing to walk into sometimes uncomfortable places. It’s amazing what happens when you start thinking about what it means to love your community in the name of Jesus. Pretty soon, you start asking the question, who isn’t my community?