“The future depends on what we do in the present,” – Mahatma Gandhi

If you have attended Northstar for the last six months, you have heard us talk about our vision. The problem is that everybody, whether a church or a company, is talking about vision. It can all blend together and get pretty confusing and we have probably added to that confusion. What does vision mean? Is it just something that is designed to get your attention? Is it an opportunity for wordsmiths to demonstrate their ability to turn a catchy phrase. Is it optimistic dreaming? No. Actually, it is all about doing and we as a church need to get better at extending that vision into action.

The reason for creating a vision for a local church is to capture, clarify, and communicate God’s will for the church for a particular season, or time. An effective vision statement can inspire, challenge, and focus the local church body on whatever God has called them to do. But, obviously, it will accomplish little if it is only words on a brochure or poster.

What we need is our vision to have arms and legs. What we need are people of action. What we need is vision implementers. What is an implementor? It’s the member or regular attender of Northstar who understands the vision, does the work, and takes the actions necessary to make the vision a reality – to take the vision and change lives.

Most people assume the vision work is done by the pastors and staff.  That’s like saying that Nick Saban can implement the strategy and vision for the Alabama football program and win the games by himself. No, like Nick, we need a team of implementors. We need players.