Where’s My iPod?

Upon returning home from an out of town softball game last night, my teenage daughter exclaimed, “My life is over!” when I asked her why, she stated with tears in her eyes, “I left my iPod in the school rental van!” After asking her how in the world she could of let that happen, I immediately called the car rental establishment to find out that they were closed until 7:30 am the next day. My daughter then asked, “What will I do until then?” I told her to pray about it and to ask God to teach her through this circumstance. I went to bed praying the same prayer for her.

We rose early the next morning to drive to the car rental establishment and to hopefully recover her iPod. As we were driving, my daughter shared with me that God had revealed to her through her prayer how her iPod had become a distraction and how it had kept her from spending more time with Him. She told me that she had asked God that if her iPod had become an idol in her life that it would be okay if she never recovered it.  She had realized that she didn’t want to let anything separate herself from Him, not even her precious iPod. It amazed me that this teenage girl who just the night before thought her life was over because she thought she had lost this precious electronic device forever was willing to never find it again just so that she could grow closer to her Lord and spend more time with Him. She had laid this distraction at the foot of the cross. Showing Jesus He was the center of her focus.  God’s Word tells us to set our minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. (Colossians 3:2)  That’s exactly what my daughter had decided to do. It made me think about what things were distractions for me in my life and what was taking my focus off of God. Just like my daughter, I decided right then and there to lay these distractions at the cross of Jesus. I prayed, “Lord, I want more of you.”

We arrived just as they were about to clean out the rental van and my daughter happily retrieved her iPod. Her next words were ”Praise the Lord!” God taught her something amazing through this circumstance and through her experience I was shown something amazing as well.

What are the distractions in your life that are distracting you from focusing on God? Are you willing to lay them at the cross to walk closer with Him? If a 16 year old can lay down the distraction of her iPod, I’m sure you can too.