Have you ever had so many programs open, doing so many things at the same time on your computer that it just freezes?

This is a metaphor for my life.

By the way, I’m going have to ask you Mac users to wipe that grin off your face. I happen to be a Mac user and I open so many programs and do so many things at the same time, that even my Mac freezes about once a week.

And I don’t mean one-program’s-not-responding-so-you-force-quit-and-keep-going kind of freeze up. I mean absolutely-nothing-not-even-the-cursor-works-blue-screen-of-death freeze up (and my Mac doesn’t even have the courtesy of giving me a blue screen).

Some of the time that happens to my brain. And I find that I’m not just overwhelmed because a lot of bad things are happening. Just as often, I find that I’m overwhelmed because so many good things are happening.

For example, after 6 months of our home in New York City being without a renter, we signed a lease yesterday with a new tenant.

But the fact that this is such a phenomenal blessing doesn’t make it any easier to prepare a house that has been empty for six months

Another example: I don’t think I could be more excited about our Northstar Christmas Eve services! If you make eye contact with me in Walmart chances are you’re going to get an invite to one of our Christmas services.

But there’s a lot of preparation to be done for our Christmas Eve services.  In addition we’re in the middle of preparing our Northstar Groups for the Spring 2012 semester. In addition to that, there’s all the regular family Christmas stuff to do.

To summarize, my brain is one phone call away from the blue screen of death.

Yet I would have to say that this has been one of the most restful Christmas seasons I can remember.

King David had a lot going on, but in Psalm 37 he lets us in on his secret for avoiding

          Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him, and he will help you.- Psalm 37:5

Notice David says you have to commit EVERY – THING you do to The Lord.  You have to be specific.

My computer begins grinding to a halt when I have too many different programs running in the background. If I’m going to avoid it freezing up, I have to bring up each specific program and then shut them down one by one.

It’s the same with my brain.  When I have so much going on that I’m about to be overwhelmed and freeze up it’s because I have so much running in the background of my mind.  It’s just this mysterious black cloud of worry and doom.

Like I did with the programs in my computer I must face every specific concern and shut them down one by one. But how do I shut them down?

I commit them to the Lord.

Sometimes it helps me to make a list.  I actually write down each item that is causing me anxiety.  I look each worry in the face specifically and ask myself if I really believe God could not handle it.

And since God can handle anything, I give it to Him.  And then I reach up into the black cloud of doom and bring down the next worrisome situation and trust God that He will help me with that one too.

And then “that” phone call comes, or my plan starts crumbling to the ground I look at God. And then when I hang up the phone or walk out of the burning building I say under my breath “I commit this to You.”

He will help me. And He will help you too.