Join us this Sunday! In-Person 9:00am & 10:45am, Online 9:00am, 10:45am & 5:00pm

Join us this Sunday! In-Person 9:00am & 10:45am, Online 9:00am, 10:45am & 5:00pm

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The Complaint Department

“I cry out to the Lord; I plead for the Lord’s mercy. I pour out my complaints before him and tell him all my troubles.” – Psalm 142:1-2. 

Everyone seems to have something to complain about. They don’t like politics or politicians. They don’t like movies, they don’t like certain celebrities, they don’t like their neighbors and they don’t like the weather. They don’t like the slowdown in the economy, they don’t like security at airports and they don’t like people who are too opinionated. And these are the people calling the corporate complaint department. The only calls the complaint department gets are from frustrated, unhappy, even angry people. But the corporation needs a place for their unhappy customers to go. So, the complaint department is open. Go ahead and complain. Someone will listen. 

If you want someone who will listen, talk to God. God is the ultimate complaint department. The idea that we cannot cry out to God in anger or when we disagree with Him is simply wrong. When things are too much for you, instead of turning to things that will harm you, cry out to God. God knows what you are going through. God loves you and He wants what is best for you even when you are going through difficult times. Tell Him what’s wrong. Tell Him your complaints. Go to Him. Pour out your heart to Him.

God expects us to frequently experience pain and therefore frequently express our pain to him. God wants us to pour out our complaints to him and tell him our troubles (Psalm 142:2). He wants us talk to Him like David did when he wrote Psalm 142 in the cave of Adullam (1 Samuel 22). He wants us to tell him exactly what it feels like: “I look for someone to come and help me, but no one gives me a passing thought! No one will help me; no one cares a bit what happens to me.  (Psalm 142:4). And he wants us to remember that, despite how things look and feel right now, because of his very great promises.  2 Peter 1:4 tells us, “And because of his glory and excellence, he has given us great and precious promises. These are the promises that enable you to share his divine nature and escape the world’s corruption caused by human desires.” 

Whatever you are currently facing in this life, you can find refuge in God. When you feel like there is no complaint department that can fix what is going on in your life, remember God’s faithfulness and find refuge in Him. I know that at times it seems like God is nowhere to be found and that the harder you look the worse it seems to get; but don’t give up because He is right there with you. You can go to God and find refuge and rest. 

“Hear my cry, for I am very low. Rescue me from my persecutors, for they are too strong for me. Bring me out of prison so I can thank you. The godly will crowd around me, for you are good to me.” (Psalm 142:6-7)

Discussion Questions:

  1. Have you ever felt God was distant? If so, how would you describe this time in your life?
  2. Have you ever poured out your heart to God? What was your motivation?
  3. What can you do this week to better pour your heart out to God?