If someone asked you to build a time capsule that when opened it in 100 years would give people a accurate overview of the times we live in, what would you put in it? In previous times it may be items that depict the age of renaissance or the industrial age. Many people would probably depict this decade as the “computer age” or the “information age.”

Yes, we have Apple and technology that can run NASA in the palm of our hands. And yes, each new iteration of technology gets smarter and has the potential to significantly impact our lives.  Yet, if we do the due diligence on what dominates our culture today, it is sexuality. Sexual content is not only blatantly displayed, but objects that have no sexuality are labeled as sexy-from cars to computers to beverages to body lotions. None of us can remember a time when sex has been more openly flaunted or with so many people obviously obsessed with the subject.

It’s easy to understand why. Our culture screams sex while it seems that the church is whispering the Biblical side of the subject. Which is why I decided to include sexuality in the message series Beautiful Gift. Last Sunday, I took a direct, biblically affirming look at one of God’s greatest gifts to humanity, the gift of sexuality and how to protect it and celebrate it at every station in life. And while this series was targeted to women, in the blog posts I have done on the this series, I used a more universal approach that applies to both sexes.

Is this the way we should treat sexuality? Like most issues, the right directions and guidelines can be found in the Bible. First, the Bible explains the purpose of sex and it is not to sell the skinny jeans. Sex is not an evolutionary accident. God reveals that He created both sex and marriage. We need to explain that God’s design for human sexuality is “very good,” and by following his patterns we can experience wholeness and fulfillment. God created a continuing sexual interest and sexual appeal in human beings. But why? God created this sustained interest in sex as a means for men and women to express love in marriage.

Obviously this is a subject that entire volumes have been written on, so I cannot go into any depth in this blog.  But having said that, I would like to give you a few thoughts on the subject.

First, regardless of how much society’s views and sexual practices have departed from God’s created design for us, it is important that Christ followers understand human sexuality as a good gift from God to be enjoyed carefully according to God’s designs.

Our jobs as husbands, wives, fathers and mothers is to rediscover God’s design for the good gift of human sexuality and teach it to our children and share a better vision with society. We must be careful not to automatically go into a just-say-’no’ litany and be perceived as judgmental and restrictive.

It begins by understanding that God created us as male or female, and each of us are made in the image of God. God created us as sexual beings, and intended for the human race to multiply and expand on the basis of sexual intimacy, and for newly created life to flourish in the context of a loving relationship between a man and a woman.

To get this right, it is important that we communicate a vision for sexual intimacy that preserves this deepest human connection for the safety of marriage, but also communicate that this intimacy is a way to express love, experience pleasure, and procreate new life.

Sexual intimacy may be the most powerful act in which a man and woman can engage because this one flesh union has the possibility to create another human life. The fact that God allows humans to join him in the process of creating new life – that will either live with God for eternity, or be separated from God forever – is one of the reasons he provides such clear and necessary boundaries for human sexuality and family life.

As Christians living in a society that sees sex merely as a means for personal pleasure, we need to rediscover God’s created design for our sexuality, and communicate that it is a good gift given to us by God.