A Northstar Campus plant can start
with any one, anywhere in the world.

All it takes is a dedicated individual who believes in the vision, believes his/her community can be changed by it, feels led by God to be a part of it, and is confirmed by the church leadership through the application process. This could be someone that feels called into full-time ministry or someone simply passionate enough to be a Campus Facilitator. Don’t under-estimate what you can accomplish with God!

Stage One

Action Steps:

  • Watch the Bold Love Vision Message
  • Read our Statement of Beliefs
  • Get to know our Lead Pastor
  • Apply Online
  • Interview
  • Schedule your Visit

Once you understand the vision, values, and beliefs
of Northstar, the next step is inviting others to join you in this journey.

It is not a complex process. We provide you with the tools and you invite the people. It’s not a sales pitch, just share how you have been impacted by the ministry of Northstar and why you believe your community needs a church like it. Finally, start your weekly video-driven Northstar worship experience and ask for your team to join in!

Stage Two

Action Steps:

  • Host Vision Parties
  • Facilitate a weekly video worship experience
  • Invite friends, family & neighbors
  • Build your team
  • Playback equipment
  • Online Resourcing

With a core group of people by your side,
the church begins to take shape.

At this stage you’ve outgrown your living room and you are utilizing multiple houses or a larger venue. You likely even have a part-time staff person to help lead the charge. That could be you or you someone else! Volunteers begin to find their place serving with KIDS or maybe leading worship with a guitar. This is all about recruiting people to join in and empowering volunteers.

Stage Three

Action Steps:

  • Secure Additional homes or facility
  • Begin to form volunteer teams
  • Northstar Kids curriculum
  • Live worship music
  • Part-time staff
  • Audio/Video equipment
  • Invest & invite

The final stage before launch begins the shift from recruiting believers to creating adult and kids environment that attract the lost.

We see additional staff hours, a worship team, the launch of KIDS environments, Guest Services, and an impact on the community through outreach events.

Stage Four
Action Steps:

  • Secure a larger venue facility
  • Facilitate outreach events
  • Improved weekly worship experience
  • Campus Pastor
  • First time guest areas
  • Ready for launch