I have to say that pastoring at Northstar has been a blessing to me every day since I came back to Panama City. I thought I would take a minute to share some of my experiences in life and ministry as transparently as possible. I realize that I don’t know everything, but I want to pass along what I have learned as Lead Pastor of Northstar these past few years. These are in no particular order:

  1. My effectiveness in ministry comes through a personal and daily walk with Christ. My time for Christ can never supersede my time with Christ.
  2. Failure is part of the ministry. The apostle Paul told us to preach the Word; we are to do this “in season and out of season.” There are certainly some off seasons in the ministry. I have preached some very good and some not so good sermons.
  3. I cannot please everyone. I used to think that it was my job as pastor to please everybody. I quickly realized that was an impossibility.
  4. I am not always right. The older I get the more I realize I am not always right; and I don’t have to be. There is no such thing as a mistake free ministry. There were some issues I should have dealt with better; there were some people I should have confronted differently; there were some circumstances I should have exercised more patience, caution, and discernment. It is all part of the growth process.
  5. No leader operates alone. I love our church leadership team and staff because of all the immeasurable contributions they have made to my development and the development of Northstar. In addition, I’ve found that the greatest heroes in life are hard working, loyal, committed, generous men and women that do whatever is necessary to further the kingdom of God.
  6. I’ve found that failing to plan means that you’re planning to fail. Cliche? Yes, but oh so true.
  7. I’ve found that being in the presence of God positively changes my environment, mood, and outlook better than anything.
  8. I’ve found that leading someone far from the heart of God to Jesus is the most inspiring and uplifting thing I have ever done and will ever do.
  9. I’ve found that when you’re busy rowing the boat, you don’t have time to rock it.
  10. I’ve found that the church needs both strategy and the supernatural to get where God wants us to go.
  11. I’ve found that until you get used to taking steps of faith, you can never have the best of God.