I prayed for this

Prayed for 10 times.

Peter Valentine

And a child shall lead them... and hopefully a child (or a child of God) shall heal them!! I can't make it to your church and my "home" in Boston is not worthy. Only speak the Word...

The bends for 45 years untreated, many very severe head injuries (19), compressed brainstem, 20 years nonstop nausea and headache, tinnitus, vertigo, muteness, near blindness, severe poisoning (by mercury, lead, carbon monoxide, agent orange), crushed pelvis, indwelling urinary catheter with much bleeding, prostate cancer, peripheral artery disease, deep vein thrombosis, and partial paralysis of both legs from a parachute injury.

I ask, perhaps most importantly, to put out a call to Jesus to rescue my family with miraculous restoration and complete reconciliation between my wife Irene, our son James, and I. We have been precisely 40 years in the desert. It is time for renewal.

I get seizures from using a phone and listening to voicemail, please only text to 617 706 8841 if necessary, no calls

Received: March 29, 2021

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