I still can’t believe it is 2012 already. Many of us have made New Year’s resolutions that are kept no longer than a few weeks. Maybe that is because the resolutions we make are usually some of the most difficult challenges we face in life, from losing 30 pounds to mending broken relationships.

I would like to make a few more basic suggestions designed to improve your walk with God in 2012:

1. Think about the gospel daily, remind yourself who you were without Christ, what God has done through Christ to save you, and who you are now;

2. Dive into scripture. Memorize verses that communicate the grace of God;

3. Listen to God. Download musics, sermons, videos that talk about Jesus;

4. Surround yourself with people who cause you to love Jesus more;

5. Read books that focus on the grace of God;

6. And, regularly ask the Holy Spirit to renew the joy of your salvation.

7. Attend our New Series January 8th entitled “Awaken-Discovering What It Takes To Really Change”.

The best way I know to start the new year, regardless of what resolutions you made, is by remembering Jesus Christ’s command in Matthew 6:33 to “But seek first his kingdom….”  Ask God, what is on His heart for me, my family, my weight, my relationships, and my job this year. My experience is that God’s response to me is moving me around to be more aligned with His plan for me. He seems to say, ‘Thank you for asking, here’s what I have in mind…’”