7,537.76 miles. That is exactly how far it is from the US and Kenya at their closest points.

A few short days ago Northstar released a team of doctors and health professionals to the Kenyan community of Kiu. We adopted this community in 2010 and since then it has been unbelievable to see the progress this community has made in the areas of water supply and education. 2 years ago Kiu was in the middle of a drought without a well and hours of walking daily just to get to the nearest natural water supply. Today they have a running well to supply water to the community, a vastly improved education system, and as of this week, their first visit with doctor most have ever seen.

Yesterday was the first day of medical visits in the community. 100+ people arrived by foot from hours away to receive a checkup and basic health care. Today our team has spent the day de-worming 600+ children (due to the lack of shoes and floors the majority of child become infected with them) and seeing another 200 patients. To date our team has treated and provided medical care to almost 1000 people!!

It hasn’t stopped there, and for some this my be a graphic image, today one of our doctors on the trip surgically removed two painful tumors; one from the side of a woman’s face and another from a patient’s mouth. Although supplies and facilities are very limiting, it is amazing to see all God is making possible.

Even though most of us will never set a foot on Kenyan soil it great to see how God uses each and everyone of us to help reshape the future for the better of so many near and far. To God be the Glory and thanks to all of you who made this possible. Our team is doing well. They may be feeling tired, but filled with a joy that only comes serving people…

Continue to pray for our team and the community of Kiu, Kenya.