The old saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” If that’s true, it must take a small army to run a church. Fortunately, we have  a small army of volunteers at Northstar who serve tirelessly and selflessly.

Each Sunday, our volunteers give of their time so that others can experience life change through the ministry of the church. The truth is that the structure and workings of a church are only as good as the church’s volunteers. We serve an incredibly amazing God, but He builds His church with people who are willing to love and serve others. Because regardless of the present or future size of Northstar, paid staff is never enough to accomplish our mission.

I wish I could express in words just how much we appreciate each of you who gladly share your time and talents at Northstar. I wish we had a Barnabas, an official affirmation provider, who through words of praise and encouragement could fully express our thanks for all you do.

While I am not Barnabas, please allow me to say thank you for your sacrifice each week to our church. I did a video to formally show my appreciation. Each of you who volunteer are the core of what we’re doing and I count it an absolute privilege and honor to serve alongside you.