Though Hurricane Michael ravaged our area and took so much from so many, Northstar Church has been tirelessly serving the immediate needs of the people in our community and working to rebuild. We deeply appreciate our partners and the volunteers who have helped and are helping this mission. If you, your organization or your church would like to be a part, there’s no better way than to make a contribution by clicking the image above and completing the steps. We are here for the long term, and we are determined to be a conduit for the blessings of God to our community and make famous the Name of Jesus Christ.

So far…

  • Served over 5000 hot meals
  • Provided temporary shelter to hundreds
  • Met the immediate food and water needs  along with other necessary supplies of thousands upon thousands people
  • Worked countless volunteer hours
  • Tarped hundreds of roofs to help prevent further water damage to homes
  • Removed hundreds of trees and debris from homes and yards
  • Distributed literally tons of supplies
  • Directly delivered supplies and meals to hundreds who could not get to a campus distribution point
  • Prayed with and cared for thousands
  • Supported law enforcement with supplies and meals
  • Supported military personnel with meals and supplies
  • Received military commendations for our efforts. care and partnership
  • Distributed free gasoline
  • Distributed free lumber and building supplies
  • Partnered with The Salvation Army to provide a comfort station at our Panama City location, including free meals, supplies, water, showers, restrooms, WiFi, etc
  • Provided storage and parking for utility workers and trucks to restore the power grid
  • Fed hundreds of utility workers and other relief effort workers
  • Provided free clothing
  • Helped set up a medical clinic
  • Sponsored a community church service which included hot meals for thousands
  • Provided temporary housing for out of town law enforcement
  • Working with several experts in disaster relief to serve the rapidly shifting needs of the most needy in our communities in the most Christ-centered and effective ways possible

The state of our locations…

  • Our Panama City Campus took severe damage from Hurricane Michael. It will be unusable for months. We have fortunately been able to partner with Lucille Moore Elementary School to host services, which will start Sunday, October 28.
  • Our East Bay (Callaway) Campus took the brunt of the storm, but held up well considering. It was our newest facility and was built to updated hurricane codes. It took some damage to the exterior, the HVAC system, some structural damage and lost some windows. The older building on the property took severe roof and wall damage, which caused water damage making it unusable. The house on the property took damage to the roof and exterior as well. We will be able to use the church for services starting October 28th while making repairs during the week. The other building will take months to repair before being usable.
  • Our Panama City Beach Campus was the furthest from the storm. It took damage to the exterior, parking lot lighting, fencing and playground. We will be able to resume services on October 28th.
  • Many in our congregation have been displaced due to severe damage to or losing their homes, lost jobs due to businesses’ being destroyed, or have been reassigned to locations outside our area. We don’t know what it will look like over the next months and years, but we will be there to help people find and follow Jesus.

The state of our team…

  • We are so proud of our team. They have worked tirelessly to serve our our community with radical generosity in Jesus’ Name, working long and grueling hours.
  • Some have done so even though they lost their homes and/or have been displaced due to severe damage that rendered them unlivable.
  • Most have endured commutes that have taken hours due to traffic jams caused by broken infrastructure, downed trees and power lines, and the extra vehicles required for repairs and clean up. They have gotten home with only the time to hug their loved ones, get some rest and start again the next day.
  • They have loved our community in a very tangible way. Crying with, praying for, serving, feeding, sharing their homes with, and giving in countless ways.
  • They have converted every usable location from a church into a disaster relief location and back.
  • They moved our largest campus to a portable location, including setting it up for services, in 2 days.
  • They are exhausted, but determined to rebuild their homes, their lives, our community and our church.

Opportunities and challenges…

  • Ongoing training for appropriate counseling for all age groups as they face the long road to recovery, including food and shelter
  • Funding for heavier than normal crisis relief efforts for church and community members, particularly now that much of the national interest is starting to wane
  • Continued working with several experts in disaster relief to serve the rapidly shifting needs of the most needy in our communities in the most Christ-centered and effective ways possible
  • Making church a viable option for those who have been displaced or are finding new challenges in transportation
  • Continued church operations with displaced attendees, staff and facilities under reconstruction
  • Assistance with ongoing clean-up and recovery efforts for those with financial, FEMA and  insurance gaps