I want to personally invite you to celebrate Easter at Northstar Church. Easter is a truly amazing celebration and a great opportunity for our church to make a huge impact in Panama City and the surrounding areas.

Before I give you the specifics, I would like to pause to revisit what Easter is all about. The cross and resurrection are always central to us, that never changes. But, at Easter, we look at the cross and resurrection and not look away. It helps our focus and solidifies our commitment to those who are far from the heart of God. Jesus died and conquered the grave to see lives restored. We are hyper sensitive to the fact that thousands of people from our communities might hear about Christ for the very first time.

To make room for the 5,000 friends and neighbors we are expecting, we will be having 13 Easter services at our 4 locations. Every year for Easter, we set man-sized goals and each year we experience God-sized results. We don’t expect this year to be any different. We want people to wake up to a new and different opportunity this Easter. We want to make them feel at home and welcome. We want all those far from the heart of God to discover the joy of Christ and the blessings of Easter. Our prayer is that lives will be changed forever and that God will be glorified.

We need your help to make it happen. We expect God to do something big at Northstar and we want you to be part of it. No matter how long you have been attending Northstar, there is an opportunity for you to serve at any of our 24 services this Easter.

You can be in a position of making Easter a life-changing weekend for someone else, by serving in one of a variety of areas like greeting, parking, KIDS check-in, etc., or just giving people a friendly hello. We need your help in order to give our first-time visitors an over-the-top experience of what Easter is all about – the love of Christ for a lost world.

I encourage you to look through all of the opportunities and sign-up to volunteer at one of our services on Easter weekend. Go to www.northstar.cc/signup to sign up for Easter Outreach or http://northstar.cc/volunteer to volunteer for the Easter Services.