I am not afraid to fail, these are the words I utter in my mind on a daily basis. The fear of failing is not an issue for me, it’s falling from the failure that scares me. Failure much of the time can bring about change, but falling from failure, is like getting hit by a semi, you may survive, but recovery will take along time.  Now I don’t mean that there is an instant lesson learned from when you fail without falling, but you can usually evaluate your failure and bounce back pretty quickly depending on if you are willing to make the necessary changes to succeed.

Falling from failure, usually means starting over completely, because when you fall, you don’t bounce. Trust me, I know about falling first hand. When I was much younger, I was king of failure, in fact, not until the last 15 years have I really ever experienced a success that was even measurable. King of failure, that was me, but it wasn’t that I didn’t care or not even that I didn’t want to succeed, I was going to live against the grain every chance I had, if someone told me to do something a certain way, I did my way, if that didn’t exist I made it up. In many areas it almost made me a jack of all trades, but you know the rest of that saying, a master of none.

My rebellious days left me with lifetime of experience that would eventually lead me to the place I sit today as a pastor. I wasn’t able to recover from my last fall to failure on my own, I had fallen to the bottom, but with help I was able to recover. When I arrived at the place of a broken marriage, drug and alcohol abuse and not knowing who I had become, I cried out for help. Help came in a way of surrender, a life changing experience, a encounter with a savior, who specialized in using the broken, the hurt and the rebellious, yes I encountered  Jesus.

I had been given the chance to see again, no I had not been blinded in the since of losing my eye sight, but I had lost myself worth and a relationship with Jesus was able to restore my vision for life.  I will never be perfect, but I am not called to be, but I am called to love and to forgive and to share what was shared with me that brought about life change. God has a plan, 4 years ago he led my family and I to Northstar Church in Panama City, Fl, where I have learned first hand nobody’s perfect, anything is possible and everyone’s welcome. You see, failure does not mean the you have encountered the end, no it just means that change is needed, but be careful, not making the correct changes could lead you to the edge and even closer to the fall.