Biologically, estuaries are the place where salt water and fresh water meet. It’s a coastal, open system of streams that create a very fertile place for things to be born and thrive. They are interesting places where life begins and connections happen in the meeting of the salt water of the sea and the fresh water of the stream.

In arts ministry we try to create estuaries culturally as well. We want to create opportunities for salt water to meet fresh water so to speak. We want to provide opportunities for different people from different cultures to collide, build relationships, and find encouragement. As Northstar Arts we host the Axis Venue where local bands come to play and local music patrons come to listen. We host Writer’s Gallery, a place where local authors come to share their work and encourage one another. We also have an annual art show for local visual artists to showcase and sell their work. But it’s not just about creating cultural estuaries to attract people it’s also about being a part of the estuaries created around you as well. Many people who are a part of Northstar Arts play in local bands, participate in events for writer’s, are members of the Panama City Artists Association, and much more.

We encourage people to both create and participate in these environments. These cultural estuaries are the places where salt meets fresh, where timeless truth meets cutting edge innovation, where we consistently press our foundational beliefs up against our current cultural context. These are the places where life happens, new ideas are given birth, and relationships are made that effect us deeply. Take a look around, explore your cultural estuaries and be refreshed and encouraged by the life that is happening all around you.