One of my favorite movies of all time is “School of Rock”. Growing up a musician, I loved the concept of a good family film centered around rock n roll and the hilariousness of Jack Black being the leader of a band. One small…or several small problems. He takes a group of students at a local Private School and introduces them to the immense world of Rock. 5th graders to be exact. They end up trading their classical music and orchestral tastes in for something with more punch, and all the Rock N Roll lifestyle portrays. Of course it is all presented in a much more family oriented way. These kids begin to have a voice and a place where they really thrive. They are musicians, creatives, designers, and students. All throughout the movie, Jack Black’s character sees something special inside of these kids. That they possess something far beyond themselves. (I mean they are 10 years old!!) But he identifies that they can become an incredible band and play “One Great Show”.

The rest of the film is a series of interactions between the students and Black where he begins to tell them that they all have a place where they can use their talents. My favorite scene is where Lawrence, a glasses wearing, classical piano playing, who some might deem a “Nerd”, goes to Black and expresses his concerns about being in the band. When asked why..Lawrence explains, “IM NOT COOL ENOUGH!!!” Black then begins to affirm him in saying..”WHAT?? YOU ARE THE COOLEST!! THE BEES KNEES!!”. In a quite comical moment there is a lot of truth wrapped up in that statement. It didn’t matter that Lawrence didn’t feel like he was good enough to be in the band. His talent alone made it clear that he didn’t need to be “cool”. He had his place in the band.

Another favorite scene of mine is when a bigger girl named Tomika, is nicknamed “Turkey Sub” and gets assigned a Security Position. She knows inside of her heart that this is not the place she wants to be. She admits one day that she would like to try singing. Black eventually has her sing for him and is blown away. She has an incredible voice and he re-nicknames her “Songbird”. Tomika had found her place.

This to me is the perfect example of the Body of Christ. Each of us has been uniquely gifted in some form or fashion. To play an instrument, to sing, to work with your hands with building. Maybe you are incredible at just putting a smile on your face and saying “Hello”. Could it be that you possess something inside of you  but are afraid that you too “Are Not Cool Enough”?

I greatly identify with this same feeling. My whole life I felt not good enough to serve. That I didn’t have my place inside of the Body of Christ. That I would simply attend the service in hopes that God would speak to me and my life would be changed. Thats great and all, but by serving and volunteering it changed my life in the most incredible ways. I began leading worship and realized that God could use me to rock out every single week. Ive always been shy and quiet, and it wasn’t until I trusted God that I too could use my talents that he blessed and created me with, that I got over my shyness. I had found my place within the Kingdom.

We all have been created uniquely by God. No two of us are the same. We are given special gifting’s to build up his Church. I want to challenge each of us to maybe step outside of our comfort zones. Are you waiting for an opportunity? Stop waiting. The time is always now. As we launch more campuses there are an endless amount of opportunities and God is calling his People (YOU AND I) to step up to the plate and serve. In light of our new campus launching (PC BEACH) we are looking for people to commit to helping launch the campus. I can tell you that its going to be nothing short of easy. It will be an experience. But it will be the biggest blessing you have ever been a part of. As we launched our East Bay Campus back in April of 2012 I am blown away by the stories I have been able to be a part of. To see people rise up and begin to thrive inside of the Body of Christ is simply inspiring. People who may have never taken on as much ownership as they are now. They have risen to become leaders within our Church. I am moved by this. So what are you waiting for? This is your chance to become exactly who God has created you to be. Don’t wait. Sign up to volunteer now! Or check out the information desk in the foyer between services.

Check out 1 Corinthians 12. Pretty Inspiring Stuff. Remember. Everyone has their place in the Body of Christ.

This is Part 1 of 2 on Serving and Volunteering. I will tackle the misconceptions of Church Culture and how we think we have to be “Cool” and or “Relevant” to serve. Thanks for reading. Until next time.