If you don’t read your bible, you have no idea what you are missing. If you ever get curious and start reading the Bible, you will probably get transfixed. You will find no other book that approaches the profound thought in the Bible. The writers, inspired by God, seem the smartest men in history. So smart in fact, that it is obvious that only God could write the Bible.

That seems like the only logical explanation to me. No group of men could write something so pure, so consistent, so precise, so surprising, so counter intuitive that stays so relevant and compelling through several millenniums. The timing, the prophecies, the history which confirmed the prophecies have all proven to be true. And on a more organic level, who would create a king who washes the dirty feet of fisherman and then tells them that this is how they and we centuries later should behave as well. Normally creative writers invent Gods and superheroes that are powerful, rich, beautiful, and free from all restraint. In other words humans on steroids.

Who would create a king and God that tells us that we will be great in his kingdom if we bow low in humility and serve the unloved and unwanted among us? Who would make up a religion where the earthly rewards will include suffering, ridicule, and persecution?

You are a writer and you get together with some of your creative friends. You are excited because you have an idea. “Wow,” you start, “I have an idea for a new religion. It will start with God of course, but God has a son who is just as powerful as the father God. Kind of like Zeus and Hercules. But unlike Hercules, the son doesn’t use the power He has. In fact he lets the bad guys win. They beat and spit on him and kill him in the most painful, cruel rule way in that era, even though He could have stopped it at any time. And in this religion, the followers must follow that example. You have to turn the other cheek. You can’t get mad if people make fun of you. And you must pray for those that are doing these things to you.”

People would think that you forgot to take your medication. They would tell you that you will never write for Marvel comics. Why? Because what kind of God is that? It doesn’t fit our idea of a just, all-powerful God, does it?

But that is exactly what God is. Nobody would or could have thought up Jesus. Or His message. And as I mentioned in the first week of our series Who is this man, nobody could have imagined the incredible impact Jesus has had on our past, present and future or how He would transform our world.

So I encourage you to read your Bible. Enjoy the stories. Reflect on the profound truths. Read about men and woman who had the same struggles we do today and learn from the practical truths that are applicable today.

It is the only book that can and will change your life for eternity.