When I first showed up at Northstar there were something like 5 paid staff members and a couple hundred volunteers that worked to keep the machine running from week to week. I had 2 things going through my head as I took my seat in that middle school cafeteria for the first time ever: how long had this rad church and its seven hundred patrons been hiding in my small town (or how long had I been hiding from it)? And how long was the waiting list to get on the music team?

It turned out Northstar Church was always on the lookout for willing hearts and hands, and I was plugged in, almost immediately, to the most meaningful ministry experience I’ve ever been a part of. Now it’s been 5 or 6 years, and we’ve grown a lot, but the need for volunteers has never been greater. While the opportunity to serve at Northstar is a privilege (one that I hope never to lose due to apathy or my own willful disconnection), I still know that I’m needed.

Around the office, there’s always this afterthought that gaining new volunteers makes our jobs easier (which it does) and that it helps grow our individual ministries (which it will), but that’s not why we need you. The reason we fill rotations week in a week out and look for people with artistic inspiration to teach kids and sing songs and turn knobs and click lights isn’t because we have to check a box each week; it’s because people HAVE to be told. There are kids who HAVE to hear stories, students who HAVE to experience community and individuals who HAVE to sing songs and understand messages in an environment that’s conducive to worshiping and learning. They HAVE to because what’s at stake is eternal. It’s an emergency. It’s the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I hope you’ll consider joining us in this work.

If you’re interested in volunteering in any area of Worship Arts, visit our Teams page and fill out an application!