At Northstar in the arts department we love to see kids and students serve. But it’s extremely rewarding to see them grow up serving and join our adult teams throughout the church. The next generation always brings with them passion, challenge, and a freshness where things sometimes lose perspective.

Recently, we had a girl who has been serving on our music teams in our Kids and Student environments audition for the adult team. We love to involve students and so if you are 16 and can pass the audition for the adult team we think that’s great. This girl had always served faithfully leading worship in kids ministry areas and playing drums in our middle school student services.

It was no surprise that she made the team as she is an extremely talented girl, but what was surprising was her reaction. Often times in the church, unfortunately, volunteerism is mostly seen as a check box. It’s an obligation we fill because a church leader, pastor, or friend has made us feel guilty or signed us up without telling us. So we serve, most often half-heartedly, seeing the opportunity to volunteer as a “have to” or “need to” instead of a “get to” or “want to”.

When we told this girl she had passed the audition she started crying. She hugged every staff member in sight and promised that she was going to give it all she had every opportunity she got. She even took a picture of her first assignment we sent her via email and has it framed in her room. She sees the opportunity to volunteer not as an obligation or duty, but as a joy and a privilege.

God could accomplish his purposes without us if he so wished, but he has chosen to invite us to be a part of his Kingdom by serving the church and serving our community in his name. If you don’t serve anywhere at your church this is not a guilt trip, but hopefully a perspective change and one that I need to be reminded of often myself.

Serve somewhere. Use the gifts, talents, and passions that God has given you to better his church and better his Kingdom. It’s a joy and a privilege and the opportunity for us to reflect the love of God in a unique and impacting way.

Psalm 100:2 – Serve the Lord with gladness… (ESV)