I say it often, but can never say it enough. We love being a church where Jesus is central, people are starting a relationship with our Savior, and where we can impact our city and the world. We love being a part of a global movement, namely the Church Jesus is building across the earth. We are eager to engage with God’s Kingdom agenda, bringing hope and truth to all people everywhere, serving and building up His Church around the globe. That is why we undertook the Bold Love Initiative and that is why we are opening satellites in locations around Panama City.

Northstar is growing, although that is not news to anyone who’s waited to get that last parking spot, or stood in the back trying to find a seat before the message starts. Our goal is to have a readily available seat for everyone who wants one. Because we want to see God touch more lives, we need more room. And yes, we have been working on this “good” problem for some time.

I will always appreciate your flexibility and patience when things were jammed and the leadership team was working hard to develop and then implement a long-term solution. The solution quickly became apparent. We needed to open up satellite locations in areas where people live.

When we made the decision to open up our second satellite location at Surfside Middle School, we prayed for God to guide our vision and direct our steps. We prayed that God would do the impossible. He did just that. But that’s what God does.  He takes the ordinary and does the impossible.

It’s been so exciting for me to watch as staff and volunteers set about the job of getting the word out about the locations and then preparing for God to do the impossible. And it was even more exciting for me to watch the middle school fill and overflow as over 500 people attended the first service. So many people attended that we exceeded our ability to serve them the way we wanted to serve them. It was God at work. There is no other explanation.

You’ll hear more about Northstar at Surfside in the week’s ahead.

Great days are behind us, but the best days are still to come. I believe it is going to be an amazing year at Northstar as we continue to build on our vision. We have a lot of work to do, and so many areas in which to grow and develop.  But, our leadership team is confident that we are moving with God at His pace and in His power and we are stunned and grateful for all He is doing in our midst.