A Northstar Campus plant can start
with any one, anywhere in the world.

All it takes is a dedicated individual who believes in the vision, believes his/her community can be changed by it, feels led by God to be a part of it, and is confirmed by the church leadership through the application process. This could be someone that feels called into full-time ministry or someone simply passionate enough to be a Campus Facilitator. Don’t under-estimate what you can accomplish with God!

Stage One

Action Steps:

  • Watch the Bold Love Vision Message
  • Read our Statement of Beliefs
  • Get to know our Lead Pastor
  • Apply Online
  • Interview
  • Schedule your Visit

Once you understand the vision, values, and beliefs
of Northstar, the next step is inviting others to join you in this journey.

It is not a complex process. We provide you with the tools and you invite the people. It’s not a sales pitch, just share how you have been impacted by the ministry of Northstar and why you believe your community needs a church like it. Finally, start your weekly video-driven Northstar worship experience and ask for your team to join in!

Stage Two

Action Steps:

  • Host Vision Parties
  • Facilitate a weekly video worship experience
  • Invite friends, family & neighbors
  • Build your team
  • Playback equipment
  • Online Resourcing

With a core group of people by your side,
the church begins to take shape.

At this stage you’ve outgrown your living room and you are utilizing multiple houses or a larger venue. You likely even have a part-time staff person to help lead the charge. That could be you or you someone else! Volunteers begin to find their place serving with KIDS or maybe leading worship with a guitar. This is all about recruiting people to join in and empowering volunteers.

Stage Three

Action Steps:

  • Secure Additional homes or facility
  • Begin to form volunteer teams
  • Northstar Kids curriculum
  • Live worship music
  • Part-time staff
  • Audio/Video equipment
  • Invest & invite

The final stage before launch begins the shift from recruiting believers to creating adult and kids environment that attract the lost.

We see additional staff hours, a worship team, the launch of KIDS environments, Guest Services, and an impact on the community through outreach events.

Stage Four
Action Steps:

  • Secure a larger venue facility
  • Facilitate outreach events
  • Improved weekly worship experience
  • Campus Pastor
  • First time guest areas
  • Ready for launch

Already a church or have a large group of people who would like to become a Northstar Campus and leverage our resources?

Northstar’s vision is to help the whole world find and follow Jesus. We believe that the mission we are on is much bigger than we are, and we know others would like to share in it. If your church would like to be considered for becoming an official Northstar Campus, let us know and let’s get the conversation started. You could have a Northstar Campus in your community sooner than you think!

Becoming Northstar Campus Action Steps:

  • Discuss the implications with your team.
  • Contact us at info@northstar.cc for more information.
  • Consider scheduling a visit and consultation.