When was the last time you did something and wondered if you’d catch any flack for it? I’ve stuck my foot in my mouth before and caught a faceload of humble pie. (Did I use that term in the correct context?) We’ve all done that, but aren’t there times when it’s just a matter of education? I don’t mean that in the sense that only Ph.D’s are capable of having civilized arguments; I mean that a lot of times we attack individuals without even gracing them with a layer of primer first. They’re simply lacking a basic knowledge of what we’re tying to accomplish.

I’m a terrible judge of climate when it comes to things like this. (I’d describe “climate” here but I’d just be making a judgement about you.) My first reaction to seeing someone with a PC is of course to preach Mac to them. When my mom asks for help with a DVD, I roll my eyes. Get it? Say you’re an excellent judge of climate, and the climate tree is ripe for shaking; well, now is the time. Shake it. Maybe your congregation has been neglecting a change that it’s high-time for. You better shake now while your opinion still matters, because one day your lack of movement will result in a lack of your own credibility.

Here’s the thing that we’re all afraid to admit; there was a time when our families, our churches, our jobs made a lot less sense to people and were a lot more effective. We slip into a rut of safety. We stop challenging things. We stop poking at comfort. We stop picking scabs. In the book of Matthew, it was the religious crowd, not the Athiest club at the local high school who were berating Jesus for shaking things up. These individuals had seen their faith one way for so long that they were literally unable to adjust before bringing themselves to kill him.

That’s the danger we face; fear that a Christian may not find us as “Christian” as they are. We’re not getting killed over here; we’re defending our faith in 140 characters or less. What are you so afraid of? Learn from Jesus and mess with some people’s perceptions today. Shake the tree.