Today, most people say that it’s hard to see God in the lives of students but that’s not always the truth. Majority of students live a life built around school, friends, extracurricular activities, and then family and if we’re lucky sometimes church. Truth is, most students live the same life that their parents live. Students are learning to live “self-inflicted ” lives by watching adults do the same.

A “self-inflicted” lifestyle could be described as: living with or without reckless abandonment and only fulfilling selfish desires. In the Bible, James writes “that we are enticed and dragged away by our own evil desires.” As a parent, I have many times expressed to my children, “Follow what I say and not what I have done.” There is a very fine line that we walk when telling our children to obey what we say and not what we do. Aren’t we really saying that the rules are for you and not for me?

God has called us to be set apart from the world and this should be the higher standard of living out what God has commanded. So the next time your son or daughter breaks the rules, take a moment and think really hard about the example that you have set before them. Have you done something to encourage their actions?