This morning as I was having my quiet time I was extremely challenged with the message that the author brought home. They asked the simple question, “How do you personally handle things in your life that become wrecked unexpectedly?” I immediately began thinking about different things in my life that have taken time and hard work to acheieve — cheering in college, singing, my masters, student ministry, physical appearance, understanding of God’s word, ETC. All of these have taken me serious time, blood, sweat, and tears…to think that any of those things could suddenly be wrecked and taken from me didn’t feel good.

Then the author shared a story of two children who were working very hard on a sandcastle. They spent countless hours and strength to make it just right. People everywhere were watching and smiling and cheering them on throughout the day. Then, just as expected a huge wave headed straight for the children’s castle…the crowd gasped as they prepared themselves for devastated children. Instead, the children began to dance and scream with excitement as their castle became destroyed. They were not angry or upset…instead they were joyful and full of life.

After reading this and allowing it to sink in…I was reminded of the story in the Bible where Jesus asked the religious leaders to let the children come to him. In Matthew 19:14¬†Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” You see – children are fearless. I love seeing kids with scraped knees and bruises…I always remind them that they are battle scars. They aren’t afraid of the unknown or waste time questioning everything. Instead, they embrace the moment and accept it as is.

This is the kind of heart that I want. A heart that wants what God wants for them. A heart that is open and adventourous. A heart that is secure and free. A heart that is joyful and thankful. A heart that reflects Jesus.

Throughout my life I have had many destroyed sandcastles that have left me broken, fearful, and sometimes angry with God. But as I have grown I have learned that those sandcastles I held on to were not built by God but by myself. I am thankful for a God who loves me enough to tear them down.

You may have sandcastles in your life that you are desperately trying to protect. Maybe some that you constantly find yourself rebuilding. Others of you have sandcastles that you find your own identity in.

I challenge you to let go. I challenge you to allow your inner child to be free and open to whatever wave comes your way.