“May God bless us still, so that all the ends of the earth will fear him”.— Psalms 67:7

When the local church operates as part of the global church, its capacity and influence grows exponentially and we can reach areas of the globe that have never been reached. The power of local churches in our community and around the world is magnified when they work together as one global church. The question is where and when do we as a church family invest in global missions as the people of God.

At Northstar, our approach is two-fold: strengthen the church in areas that we already have an existing presence and extend our ability to establish or support a church in areas where we currently have no presence, even if that means in another country. God called and equipped the church not to minister to it’s members only, but to reach out and minister to needy people who are outside the church.

Our first steps in that area are our short-term mission trips. Our desire is to see more people experience these trips. But we are also attempting to find strategic partners so that we are empowering local grassroots communities to take the lead in the long-term transformation of their communities wherever in the world they are located.

We also sponsor missionaries Luke and Tina Griffin and Dennis Runner as well as make contributions to Samaritan’s Purse, 410 Bridge, the Porch de Salomon and the Daraja Children’s Choir of Africa.

We know we don’t have the resources to blanket the globe. But we do the resources to select areas that God sends us. And when every church looks for missional opportunities then you have something. Because if every local church looks for opportunities outside their area, the impact of this both at the national and international levels would be great. It would mean a wider range of communities would be reached and transformed to the glory of God.

In this way, the church would positively influence society at the national and international levels.