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Suzanne Doran

An update to a previous request...

My husband, Jason, has been recovering well from a horrible surgery for a hernia repair that turned in to peritonitis. Thankful for that.

Continued request... He is still quite sick from the polycystic kidney disease and has cysts bursting and getting infected constantly now for the last month. Specifically pray for relief (there is no cure). He is also enduring hemodialysis while he continues to heal from the surgery. It is causing terribly low blood pressure, weakness, fatigue, nausea, dangerously high potassium levels and terrible headaches. He is supposed to be going back to peritoneal dialysis soon and that should help, along with freeing me up to work more. He is also dealing with being completely fed up of feeling so terrible and not being able to do anything other than lay in bed, sick and in pain, all the time. Specifically please pray for relief, HOPE, and that he can get back on pd asap.

Thirdly, but in my opinion the most important, please pray that we find a 100% compatible kidney donor. Jason is very tall, he has O blood type and he is 47. He has a medium/high range of antibodies (I'm sure there is a technical term) that as it increases , say due to transfusions, increases his chance of rejection of a kidney. All these things come in to account when trying to find a match and unfortunately we have been denied many potential donors. The perfect one is out there somewhere and my timeline is apparently not the same as God's... I need prayer for patience and control issues haha.


Received: August 18, 2020

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