I prayed for this

Prayed for 9 times.

Sylvia Johnson


I wanted to thank Northstar for calling and checking on my family and I. I am so very thankful to have a church that cares enough to call not just once but twice and ask if we need prayer. It brought tears to my eyes. Yes we do need prayer but not just for my family but for all the families struggling out there that are worried and depressed because our lives have been flipped upside down and around. I have been feeling depressed and very anxious lately bc of our situation but then I recall a message from maybe last year or the beginning of this year. We talked about God's path for us and how we think it should go and then things go way left or right or north/South backwards, just anyway but the way we thought and we talked about patience and discipline and to remain faithfully strong and God puts us through these twists and turns so that we gain a different perspective on life and what's important. At least that's how I took it. So I need prayer for the families out there to not worry but embrace this change the best we all can. Thank you Northstar for being there for my family.

Received: November 28, 2018

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