Most people never get to see the organization behind the scenes at Northstar, but if you are attending a Northstar campus in East Bay, Panama City, or Online you may have notice a major shift in some of the tools you use on a regular basis. This post is to give you a brief overview of what those things are and how you can benefit.

If you have kids at the Panama City campus you may have noticed some changes to FastPass Check-In. We’ve added new “self check-in” stations and thanks to our these new pieces of technology, we are issuing key fobs with bar-codes to every parent in the church. They allow you to go to any of these stations during any service, scan, tap print for your child’s name tags, and head straight to their classroom! The process is incredibly fast and unlike our previous FastPass model it makes moving between multiple services and campuses a breeze. In October, this will be rolling out to the East Bay campus as well.

You may have also noticed some changes to the online giving page. This is the first of many things to be implemented with Northstar’s new web portal software called “InFellowship”. It is the bridge between the congregation and the Northstar’s central database called FellowshipOne. Once you have registered via InFellowship you are going to gain unprecedented access to manage your contact information, reoccuring giving, access to giving statements, and in the future sign ups and activities. All you have to do to get started is create an account here.

Finally there is a piece of the puzzle that most of you will never see, but you are guaranteed to experience. In a growing multi-campus church, communication can be a real challenge. A major way we give every individual a voice (to share prayer requests, comments, ask questions, etc) is through our connection card. Every one of these cards are entered into FellowshipOne and routed directed to the staff, care team, ministry area, and campus that is most appropriate. There is not a single card that is turned in that does not make it into someone’s hand to pray or follow up with a ministry need. We’ve always done our best to diligently follow up with every connection card every week, but this raises the bar for our best to a whole new level!

To summarize, we just made it far easier to engage the lost and receive care at Northstar….to help the world find and follow Jesus.