If you’re a man.. and Valentine’s Day makes you nervous… I’m about to make you feel pretty good about yourself.

I actually like Valentine’s Day. I usually have pretty good intentions. But as they say, “the best laid plans of mice and men… ” (I never realized what exceptional strategists mice were until I heard that saying).

This year I decided to stuff heart balloons with my daughter’s favorite candy, fill them with helium and deliver the heartfelt bouquets to them at their prospective High Schools (it is days like today that am less than thrilled that one of my daughters attends Mosley and the other Arnold).

Well, it turns out that if you cram even one fun sized Almond Joy in a balloon it will not float no matter how much helium you put in it.

Perhaps I should have listened a little more attentively in physics class.

The candy/balloon bouquets were quite a bit droopier than I had hoped (on the bright side though, I did an amazing helium induced Chipmunk version of “I can’t get no satisfaction” in my garage while I was filling the balloons).

I also decided to apply my smooth operator romantic skills on my wife today by writing “I Luv U” on our bathroom mirror using her favorite candy bars (this takes a lot more double sided tape than you would imagine).

As I left the bedroom to go fix my coffee and then leave for work I wished her a happy Valentine’s Day and kissed her good bye.

Out in the kitchen, I smiled to myself smugly as I imagined her delight when she first saw my touching romantic gesture.  This was before the candy bars started falling off the mirror and she ran out of our bedroom in a panic convinced that there was an intruder in the bedroom.

God’s love is perfect.  Our love is not.

As we learn to express our love to others it can get pretty messy. That is why God describes the first characteristic of love as “patient.”

Thankfully the women at my house are patient and I got hugs for trying (although no one mentioned they were submitting my name for the next season of the Bachelor).

Love is something we’re all learning. Let’s start by learning that love is patient.

And the best place to learn?  You guessed it… a Northstar Group.

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