About a year ago I invited many of you to join me in attempting to eat only when we were physically hungry and stop eating when we were full for 21 consecutive days.

In an astounding display of self-control… it took me only three tries.

After completing the “21 Day Hungry Eater’s Challenge” my goal was to continue a lifestyle of self-controlled eating and consistent exercise.

If you remember last years challenge you may have at some point thought to yourself, “Hey, is Roy still fat? I thought he was supposed to be doing some sort of self controlled eating thing?” Actually, I suspect you have a lot better things to think about (like if that snippy blonde on The Bachelor is really a plant).  But I did have that exact thought recently.

After some honest evaluation I realized I had slowly, over several months, allowed myself to become less diligent in my eating habits.

Usually when I set a goal I try to measure my progress…and it was becoming apparent I had stopped making any.

And so for several weeks I did what most people do when they stop making progress. I tried harder (even though I know through past experience this is a completely worthless strategy).

Albert Einstein said the  definition of insanity is “to continue to do the same thing over and over and expect different results” (he also said “E=MC2” but I’ll save that for another blog).

I realized just trying harder to do the same thing was not going to change the results. I needed to change my strategy.

So I found a friend who would allow me to keep a journal of what I ate each day and send it to him for accountability. It was a great help to have a friend praying specifically for me (and it didn’t hurt knowing I had to write down “emptied freezer of all dessert products” if I lost control one night).

I am happy to report that this adjustment has resulted in my once again making progress.

But it took some honest evaluation and the willingness to change (instead of just try harder)

           Be honest in your evaluation of yourselves – Romans 12:3

And did I mention that my I met my friend in a Northstar Group (you knew I was going there eventually, didn’t you)?

You can sign up for a group at www.northstar.cc/smallgroups/

You’ll be glad you did.