Inviting someone to your church’s Easter services doesn’t have to be complex, or driven by guilt. This video is the voice of someone who could be sitting in your church this Easter. Or a person wondering why you haven’t invited he or she to church this Easter.

There are many people like the one on the video and like a person I will call Joe. “I am wondering if understanding the Bible will help me be a better parent, improve my marriage, provide me with opportunities to help others. I need friends. I need my life connected to something significant. And if there is a Heaven and a Hell, I want to know which one I’m going to. I know I am not a poster child  for Christianity. I’ve got some baggage. I’ve got questions. I don’t want to experience a full-court press for my money. I listen to Coldplay. I have tattoos that show. But you know all that because you know me. But if, by chance, you think I have this all wrong, then for God’s sake, invite me. Please.”

Let’s love people enough to endure some awkwardness, embarrass ourselves a little (or a lot), and even risk offending someone for the sake of the Gospel. Remember that 100 percent of the people you don’t invite will not attend. God can use your invitation to radically transform a life.

I’m praying for you as you invite your friends and people you cross paths with this week. And, I am praying that the people we invite will hear and respond to the gospel on Easter.