Have you ever discovered something new and it was so exciting that you immersed yourself in it almost to an obsession? Maybe it was a hobby, a new band you came across, your favorite TV show or a sports team. You were so excited that you always talked about it, told your family and friends about it, or anyone who would listen really.

Now think back to that day, that hour, that moment when you first gave your life to Christ. When your burdens had been lifted from your shoulders and you felt a peace and love beyond your understanding. What did you do in the days after? Didn’t you want to learn more about it and tell everyone around you? Didn’t you want more of it – of Him, Jesus? Didn’t you want to share that joy and wonder with others in hopes that they too would find this same love?  Most of us couldn’t keep ourselves from talking about it.

Our challenge is to always remember that moment, that excitement, that first love and want to continue to share Jesus with others as we did in those very first days of our salvation.

Even months, years or decades later may we never tire of finding ways to share this Good News with others. You never know when it may encourage someone else to seek this same hope.

Remember those first days.