We live in a society that tends to believe more options and more complexities are better. The inherent desire to pleasure oneself and the modern strive for individualism drive us to this idea that more means better. God recently revealed to me that this trend has leaked into my spiritual life with him. Growing up in a church culture with access to wonderful Christian resources around every corner as well as my finite understanding of the true glory of God revealed through his word, has somehow landed me in a dangerous place. Resources, journaling, bible studies, small groups, books, regimented 10 minute quiet times (my personal favorite), devotionals, podcasts, you name it, have taken precedence to the word of God. None of these are bad but here’s the issue–God speaks directly to us when we read his word. It’s his main form of communication to us and that’s a truth we can count on. Not to say God can’t use a book to speak to us, but we can count on his word working in our lives. He promises it (see 2Tim 3:16 and John 1:1-2). And no–a chapter a day doesn’t keep the doctor away. The devil is real and he’s coming at us with everything he’s got. The word is our sword and protection from his lies. We need his word for strength to stand for truth in a very wicked world.  And let’s change the way we use it. When you read–really read. Read through whole books at a time. Take a broader look at the particular book you are studying. Memorize texts and ask questions. Let God deal with your sin as you read and struggle through specific passages. And most importantly don’t just read–put it to test in your life. God activates and grows our faith as we do his work. So may we rid ourselves of this lie that the Word is somehow not enough, or that other man-written texts are more important. God is faithful-it is time we start trusting in his perfect words.