I have always been a lover of flowers. Nothing brings more of a smile to my face than a beautiful wildflower randomly growing on the side of the road. I remember in 5th grade we had to cover our clip board in wallpaper (still not sure why just did as I was told) and I picked out sunflower wallpaper. Every day I would smile as I would write — you see sunflowers have always been my favorite.

When I moved to Kentucky for seminary I found many things to keep me sane while enduring the 11.5 hour drive. I would sing songs, stop at random places, pray in silence, have dance parties, call friends/family, and even cherish certain “pretty spots” as I would call them. My favorite “pretty stop” happened only when school would start each semester – this family owned a ton of acres and planted sunflowers every year. Oh. My. Goodness. Im smiling as I write this because words do not even do it justice. A good friend of mine gave me sunflowers the other day and each moment I pass by them in the kitchen I cannot help but smile.

I do not know much about them besides the fact that they’re big, yellow, bold, and freakin cool. That’s enough for me. But one thing I’ve learned over the years is that they do not last long. They’re a seasonal flower. And although it makes me sad because I miss them more times than not – they sure do bring a smile on my face.

Only for a season.

Die pretty quickly.

Brings joy when they come.

A sunflower is a perfect reminder for me when I go through seasons of “death.” You know…when you’re hopeless and you feel numb, beaten, broken, confused, lost, dry, etc… that it is not forever. Sometimes God allows us to endure pain so that we can appreciate the beauty that comes from it. And the idea of “sun” seems so fitting because Jesus the Son of God died for us in order to bring us life.

In Proverbs 13:12 God’s word says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” Remember the roots that are planted in your life that have made you strong and grounded. Pray and thank God that even in seasons of dryness, death, and doubt that God already gave you the greatest gift of all — His Son. And he will restore you in due time.

I am so thankful that as beautiful as a flower is to me that we are more beautiful to Him. Rest in that my friend.

Today I encourage you to hold on even if you don’t think you can. I promise you – life is coming in abundance.