What would you do if you were walking down the street and happened upon a disabled person who needed your help to get their wheelchair over the curb? I know what most people would do. They would see the need, they would be sensitive to their limitations and they would help them push their wheelchair over the curb.

It is human nature to want to help those that need our help. And when those that need help have physical difficulties or imitations, we want to respond because we can see the obvious need. But what about the spiritual needs of people. It is much more difficult to see spiritual needs. So because we don’t see the need we tend to walk by them. It’s not that we have a callous heart it simply boils down to the fact that they don’t seem to need my help.

Remember when you were first saved? If you were like most people, you were anxious to share. You prayed earnestly. You jumped at opportunities to talk about salvation. You wanted everyone to have the same experience of a new life in Christ.

But then life happens. We get wrapped up in our own struggles that we stop paying as much attention to the spiritual struggles of those all around us.

In order to stay sensitive to those far from the heart of God we need to: Remember that we live in a lost and dying world and it is our responsibility to try to reach those far from the heart of God. Look for opportunities that God presents you. Finally, we as individuals and as a church need a a sense of urgency for helping the whole world find and follow Jesus one person at a time.

Choose at least one person today to talk to about their spiritual need. Go to that person after sincere prayer, and get involved in their life. Then find the opportunity to tell them the good news of Jesus Christ.