I have various people that I consider mentors. Most of us have people who have helped us along in our chosen field of endeavor. We need mentors in our spiritual life that’s for sure. It makes sense for Christians seeking spiritual maturity to have someone come alongside them and mentor them. I have benefitted significantly from the advice of godly men. My prayer is that everyone who attends Northstar would have someone in their life for counsel and advice. Or maybe a group like a Northstar Group. The reality, however, is we may have more newer Christians desiring a “mentor” than we have people who have walked through a long life of faith in God. The question is do we have enough mentors to go around?

The role of a mentor is to share their life with us, tell us the unvarnished truth, teach us to pray and worship, share with us insights into the scripture and offer advice and insights into living a godly life. If you have no such person in your life, I’d like to suggest where you can find one. A book. That’s right a book. A person you can interact with is always preferable, but in lieu of that, Amazon is overflowing with potential mentors.

We live in a day where there is greater access to Christian resources than ever before. You can download a book to our iPad for a few dollars. Websites will deliver books at low cost right to your door. You can immediately download sermons from preachers across the globe, and an unlimited spiritual content is freely available online. And don’t forget Life Navigating, Helping You Chart a Course of Success and Significance in Your Life. OK, that was a shameless plug.

I have books that have impacted my life. These books answer questions, lead me to prayer, make me laugh and speak truth into my life.

If I want a practical application of Christian love, I schedule an appointment with Francis Chan. If I want some insights into creating effective church environments I meet with Andy Stanley. When I want to add more purpose to my spiritual life I study Rick Warren. When I find myself struggling with understanding the nature and effects of sin, I consult with Wayne Grudem and his Systematic Theology. I discover the difference between fan and follower with Kyle Idleman, talk about desiring God with John Piper, explore Counterfeit Gods with Tim Keller, face my fear with Max Lucado and and learn how to get out of the boat with John Ortberg.

As you read the book ask yourself how this applies to my life. Find out what is most helpful and act on it. If you are reading a book on margin in your life and the book suggests a daily planner, stop reading and create one. Share what you learned with others. Talk about the book with your Northstar Group. Tell them what you are doing and ask what they think.

We have a bookcase at the Panama City Northstar campus that is full of mentors. Come by and borrow one or ask your campus pastor if you can get the book.