In a few days, we will celebrate Father’s Day. My greatest joys in life are being a follower of Jesus, a husband and a being a dad to my kids, Ashleigh and Andrew. Over the years, I’ve learned many lessons about being a dad, but perhaps the most important is that in order to be a good dad, I must be both a good husband, and more importantly, a follower of Jesus.

Each Father’s Day we remember and give thanks for the fathers that have impacted our lives. My dad is someone who protected for, provided, and cherished me. He was willing to get involved even when it was messy or awkward and in good times and in tough times. Dads are willing to go the distance when others disappear.

I have so many fond memories of my dad and would like to recognize him and all the other dads out there that have made and are stilling making a difference in their children’s lives.

He was the man who knew that the biggest need I had from him was time. So he spent it with me. He would protect and defend me as well as point out when I went astray. He provided me what I needed, not what I wanted. He was brave when I was scared, and the one that would race me to the emergency room when necessary. He taught me how to respect and treat a woman as well as how to treat friends no matter what the sex. He taught me how to swim, how to ride a bike, how to throw a ball, how to bait a hook, hammer a nail, how to do the dishes, and how to do math. He was the one who spanked me when I deserved it (I’m not sure I ever deserved it, however) and now I see why he did it and how much it broke his heart.

He is the one who set up guidelines, guardrails, curfews, and overall rules of engagement. He never made a big deal of the things you thought he would, but did all of the things that you now know mattered. He finally agreed to the puppy, the guinea pig, the goldfish, the cat and the ferret. He took me trick or treating, drove me to my first day of school, first day of college.  He took me on trips, he was the one who paid that first speeding ticket and was bursting with pride when we exchanged wedding vows. He was the one who introduced me to God and like God, he loved me so much he would have laid down his life for mine in a heartbeat.

And still would.

Fatherhood is costly. Fatherhood is time-consuming. But fatherhood is so worth it. I thank God for all the fathers who sacrificially make a difference in the lives of their families. So to all of you dads, you’ll never know how much you have impacted our lives and how much we love you.

Happy Father’s Day!