If you’ve never heard Pastor Marty’s vision message from last year, I’d encourage you to take a listen now.

Less than year ago, we started this journey to reach an unbelievable amount of people (25,000) with the gospel. This past year has been marked by a ridiculous amount of clarity in fulfilling the vision and plan God has for Northstar Church.

For the last 13 years we’ve watched every building Northstar has occupied, from a funeral home to the Civic Center Auditorium, be filled! Some people think it is the lights, the music, the teaching; but really it’s God at the center of the growth our church has experienced. We’ve never sought to be a mega church and that will remain true no matter how much Northstar grows. You may think numbers don’t matter, but they absolutely do when you see the name of someone who’s life has been FOREVER changed! Those names and the quantity of them, matter to God, and they matter to us!

We now have an opportunity to fill something that goes beyond a building. God has given us a vision to fill 25 communities with a Northstar campus and every heart in those communities with a passion for Jesus. It doesn’t matter if it starts through the billions of homes around the world with internet access or a passionate group of people ready to form a campus hours away. We are ready to launch the gospel throughout the world and we need people all across the globe to take the leap of faith with us!

Ask yourself these questions:

Has your life been impacted in some way by the message, vision, or purpose of Northstar Church?

Are you living in a community that you know needs a church with a vision for reaching the lost?

Do you have a nucleus of people that can commit to building a campus upon the core values and vision of Northstar Church?

Are you in an existing church that is ready to move in a new direction through a merger or acquisition with Northstar Church?

Where do I start? How do I begin? I’ll expound more on these questions and reveal your road map to becoming a part in future posts. In the mean time, stay connected through a Northstar campus, online @ www.northstaronline.cc, or simply let us know who and where you are right here.

The vision is incomplete until the whole world finds and follows Jesus!