2012 was a decent year, minus three weeks in the hospital, a surgery, but with that said, I am still breathing and still able to put up a fight. This past year I was able to experience the change from student pastor to campus pastor, being part of launching our church’s first campus, and what a ride it has been. Much like a Tour De France mountain stage, I have relied on my radio guy in the car behind me to keep me going with his encouragement and wisdom that he has attained of the mountain from his drive the day before. The fortunate part for me is that my driver created the mountain and all of its glorious climbs and its beautiful fast paced decent.  Much like one of the racers in the Tour, this past year was not to just complete a stage, but the whole race. I can tell you, 2012 was just a mountain stage, no decent, and much of the time I felt as if my radio had interference, but I can see the top of the mountain now. My time  with Northstar East Bay as the campus pastor has come to a close and a new rider has taken the lead, my teammate, and as a team, we will all celebrate the win. On Feb.3rd, I will begin helping with the launch of the Northstar Panama City Beach campus, and this in no way will be an easier stage, in fact, 2013 may prove to be more of a time trial, equally as consuming and just a challenging. Much of the ground work has taken place by the leadership team in place at Northstar Panama City Beach, and these guys are leading the way and working alongside them is only going to make me a stronger finisher. The goal is not a yellow jersey or the accomplishment of finishing a stage, the goal, is to complete the vision set out before us.