Easter remembers a promise kept and a hope fulfilled. Easter celebrates freedom from death and the hope of new life.

Easter 2014 at Northstar was a weekend our church will never forget. We believe that every number has a name, every name has a story and that every story matters to God and the sheer numbers of those who attended (4,920) and who responded to the offer to follow Jesus (223) blew all of our minds. Those numbers represent a 28  percent increase in attendance over 2013. We conducted 24 services at 5 locations including our online ministry.

The obvious question is how did that happen. Well, we certainly believe that the Lord does as He wants and we know it’s an act of grace for anyone to show up at our church. We also believe that God has given us stewardship over our church and He expects us to pray and ask and leverage the gifts He’s given us to prepare for what He intends to do. We have come to expect God sized results as we journey with Him on our mission to help the whole world find and follow Jesus.

I would like to thank all the all the people who answered our calls to volunteer during a weekend when our volunteer needs were much greater. I can’t say thank you enough for your efforts to encourage and welcome those who may have been worshiping with us this Easter for the first time. Thank you for helping us connect with the community and change some lives for eternity.