The space race between the USA and the USSR began on Oct.4,1957 with the launch of satellite Sputnik 1. Soon to follow the USSR launched Sputnik 2 on Nov.3 of the same year, in fact Sputnik 2 actually carried a passenger into orbit, a small dog named Laika. In the not to distant future the USA launched their first satellite into orbit on Jan. 31,1958, Explorer 1. Explorer 2 was not far behind, but failed to reach orbit. With in a few years the space race had gone from satellite launches to putting men in orbit, Yuri Gagarin of the USSR becomes the first man in space, closely followed by American Allen B. Shepard .

From orbiting the Earth to moonwalks and now space stations, putting men and women in space has always captured my imagination. Just recently I began to compare space exploration to the launch of the Northstar East Bay satellite campus. As you can read you can see we share common words that describe exactly what we look to accomplish. A satellite is a type receiver that transmits information from one source to another and when I apply that same thought to a church campus and the message of Jesus, the reality hits me pretty hard. The area we have chosen for our first satellite campus may not be deep space, but it is the next the small step for us to accomplish our 10 year journey that God has placed before us. Launching a church, much like launching a satellite in to orbit takes vision and sometimes years of research. Once the vision and research come in place, then come the people, ones who adopt the vision for their own. In this case, choosing a few good men and women to take what they love about Northstar and duplicate all of the aspects to another campus.

So my question to you is this, Are you willing to give, pray or serve, for the next six months training volunteers and duplicating everything you love about Northstar so the communities of East Bay(Springfield, Callaway, Parker and surrounding communities) may find and follow Jesus?