How to tell if you are a consumer Christian. Take this self- test. If you answer “yes” to 1 or more of the following questions, you might be a consumer Christian.

1. When you attend church, is your number one question “what can you and your family can get out of church” instead of “how can you and your family give back to the church”?

2. Do you attend more than 1 church in any given week? (ie Sunday AM at Holy Methodist, Sunday PM at Central Pentecostal, Wednesday night services at Trinity Cross, etc.)

3. Do you frequently stay at home and watch online or listen to the podcast as a substitute for physically attending church?

4. Do you care who is preaching or leading worship? Does this affect your attendance?

5. Do you find out the topic of the sermon beforehand? Does this affect your attendance?

6. Are you not volunteering in some capacity?

7. Are you not supporting the church you call  home financially?

8. Have you not become a Member of the church you call home?

9. Have you been to 27 different churches, but none of them were “right for you”?

10. Are you getting help more than you are helping others?

Consumerism is a cancer. Consumerism is all about taking. Today’s society of self-gratification has seeped into our lives and is robbing us of the relationship God truly desires us to have with Him and His church. Quit taking and start giving. Your relationship with God is about more than just you.