Well, yes and no. Some people probably think so. I even wonder sometimes. A few people were probably wondering as well after I announced on Easter that we would donate all Easter offering monies back to the community. Maybe the better question than are we crazy, is why? Couldn’t that money be used in the church in any number of ways. Yes, but we can’t help but look back on what God has already done when we were faithful to give. Being a little crazy works for us.

Approximately a year and a half ago, we embarked upon the Bold Love Campaign, an initiative to raise the money we needed to fulfill our mission to help the whole world find and follow Jesus. Our vision for the future of Northstar was to have 25 locations, 2,500 Northstar Groups and 25,000 average weekly attendance. Those numbers seemed a little crazy, but because of your faithfulness to give, we have added three satellite campuses and have steadily grown in attendance and most importantly, our community is being radically impacted by the Gospel.

Northstar does not revolve around achieving those statistics or milestones. We’re about helping those far from the heart of God find Jesus, or taking on a water project in Kenya, or providing food for over 8,500 people in 7 counties in the Feed The 5,000 initiative. At Northstar, we are about coming together to give toward a crazy, God-sized goal and radically impacting the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

One weekend. Local families. Incredible impact.

Which brings me back to Easter. Because of your response to Bold Love and your overall generosity, we are able to give every penny of our Easter offering from our 24 services totaling $65,957 back to the community through our community partners like Feed 5000, Habitat for Humanity, Anchorage Children’s Home and our new partners in Guatemala to help build homes and water wells! You are making a difference not only here at home, but around the world.

And that, as Francis Chan would say, is the kind of crazy love that will change the world. And that is something to celebrate.